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April 4, 2023

Time Management Hacks for Marketers, episode 105

Time Management Hacks for Marketers, episode 105

EP 105.  Time management is a skill you CAN improve. Success and stress don't have to go hand in hand. Secret to crossing things off your to-do list, how to reduce distractions to make the most of your time, and setting boundaries at work. Useful time management strategies and hacks to implement for all content marketers from time management coach, Anna Dearmon Kornick. 



Anna believes success and stress don't have to go hand in hand, and that busy is not a badge of honor.

Time management coach, Anna Dearmon Kornick, is joining me, host Sarah Panus, on this episode of Marketing With Empathy® to share tips and time management strategies all marketers should have in their toolkit. You’ll learn the secret to crossing things off your to-do list, how to reduce distractions to make the most of your time, and setting boundaries at work.


No plan is perfect, but Anna’s steps to designing your ideal week will give you the foundation to have a successful week no matter what life throws at you.


If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and like there’s just never enough time, listen in to hear Anna’s simple, actionable tips now--- including a "shiny things list" that I'm now obsessed with and use daily.



  • Designing your ideal week

  • Why time blocking is more effective than to-do lists

  • Saving time with task batching

  • How to prevent distractions from interfering with your work

  • Creating consistency with theme days

  • Anna’s email management process

  • What to consider when setting boundaries

  • Allowing yourself to rest and recharge




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Marketers don’t have enough time to do content marketing well. Sarah Panus helps you check storytelling projects off your marketing to-do list using 20 years of frameworks and methods, so you get your time back while confidently engaging new + existing customers. 

It shouldn’t feel like you’re falling behind because you can’t get your content work done.  Sarah understands how hard it is to juggle your demands.  Clients: Sleep Number, Starbucks, LegalZoom, Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, Nestle Waters, Lindt Chocolate, American Heart Association, Alta Tech, King Technology, Christos Bridal, etc.


She’s a brand storytelling consultant, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy® (top 5% of all marketing podcasts), Certified StoryBrand Guide, and owner of Kindred Speak® consulting. Sarah works with clients by either doing the work for them through her freelance consulting services; OR, coaching them to think like Editorial Content Directors in one of her online courses. Visit to learn more.


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