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Jan. 17, 2023

Quizzes to Attract & Engage Customers – Helen Munshi, episode 95

Quizzes to Attract & Engage Customers – Helen Munshi, episode 95

Quiz funnel expert, Helen Munshi, explains how to create quiz funnels to help attract new leads, engage existing customers, and gain incredible data insights to inform your brand storytelling content.


Online quizzes may seem insignificant in the vast category of marketing tools, but they’re more important than you think. In every step of the customer journey, quizzes can be integrated into a brand’s content plans to better understand and engage the consumer. 


To learn more about this topic, host Sarah Panus has invited online business growth strategist and quiz funnel expert, Helen Munshi, on the show. She explains why quiz funnels are superior to the standalone online quiz, actionable ways to understand your audience, and how quiz funnels are a symbol of the current shift towards positive marketing. 


During this episode, marketers will discover the reasons quizzes often don’t get good results, and tips to create a successful quiz funnel. Sarah also shares her own experience with quizzes, and the importance of information sharing across departments to build a brand’s story and marketing plan. 


Tune in to learn how you can utilize quiz funnels to generate leads, gain useful customer insights, and more! 



  • Quiz funnel vs. standalone quiz 

  • Shift towards positive and interactive marketing 
  • Ways to utilize quizzes in your business 

  • Key elements of a quiz funnel 

  • Figuring out what the audience really wants 

  • Defining future pacing 

  • Reasons Helen thinks quizzes aren’t successful 
  • When it’s time to tweak or start over 

  • Helen’s favorite quiz software tools

  • Leveraging insights for brand storytelling 

  • Sarah’s corporate experience with quizzes 







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Sarah Panus is a brand storytelling marketing strategist, Minnesota mom, and owner of Kindred Speak, LLC, a remote consultancy that helps corporations attract upper-funnel leads that drive bottom-funnel results through storytelling. Her mission is to add value to the world by humanizing brand+consumer connections. Her online courses teach content professionals inside corporations how to think like Editorial Directors to drive stronger results while enjoying their jobs more. She’s spent the last 20 years helping brands including Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle Waters, Christos Bridal, Game Crazy, Cone Inc, and others, speak a kindred language with their audiences, driving brand advocacy and millions in revenue and brand engagements. Learn more at 


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