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Nov. 29, 2022

Intro to NFTs, Web3, Metaverse - Joseph Jaffe (is not Famous), episode 90


Are you confused by NFTs? Have you heard of Web3, or have no idea what it means? Is Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook the only thing that comes to mind when you think of the Metaverse? If yes, then this episode of Marking With Empathy is for you!

During a two-part series, host Sarah Panus is delving into these topics to teach herself and listeners how they work and their potential application for brands. Today, she’s invited author, entrepreneur, and talk show host Joseph Jaffe to share his knowledge of these new technologies and their purpose.

Joseph helps define NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse with examples from his own work, including his numerous books. He also gives practical advice to companies looking to use these emerging technologies to connect with their customers!

Don’t worry if these terms are confusing or overwhelming, even after you give this episode a listen. Having the courage to learn and find a helpful community is a wonderful first step!


  • The difference between Web3 and what we all know as the internet
  • Examples of a shared reward using Joseph’s book, Forever Changed: How A Global Pandemic Changed My Direction, My Purpose and My Life
  • NFTs, an abundance market, and perpetual royalties
  • Explaining the Metaverse and what NFTs represent
  • Joseph’s NFT projects, Alpha Collective and Collective Cafe
  • Creating the Jaffe Coin and what it can get you
  • How the pandemic changed Joseph
  • Are brands succeeding in utilizing these technologies well?
  • Discord is an important platform for everyone
  • How Joseph has “NFT’d” himself

Joseph Jaffe’s Alpha Collective is a premium community that helps corporates and degens partner and win at the business of Web3! Get a paid mint here, or free NFT access here!

You’re invited to the Alpha Collective Discord Channel! Be sure to join the Collective Café channel for a free virtual coffee from 8-9AM EST, Monday through Friday.

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Read Joseph Jaffe’s most recent book, Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation...and How to Save It?, here!

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