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May 15, 2024

Branded Quiz Tips from my Quiz Coach - Helen Munshi (part 3), episode 134

Branded Quiz Tips from my Quiz Coach - Helen Munshi (part 3), episode 134

EP 134 - [Part 3 of 3 quiz mini-series] Create quizzes that generate thousands of ready-to-buy leads. Sarah chats with her Quiz Coach, Helen Munshi, to clarify key quiz funnel aspects you need to remember when making your own branded quizzes as part of your content marketing strategy. Get Helen’s free video training below. + Don’t forget to take Sarah’s new “Are you Ready to Improve Your Content Strategy”? QUIZ for actionable tips to help improve your company’s content at link below. 


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    1. How can a brand infuse its personality into a branded quiz, and why is this important?
    2. What are some examples of themed quizzes tied into specific brands, and how do these enhance the user experience?

    3. What impact can visually appealing and concise results pages have on quiz takers, and how do these pages reflect the brand?

    4. In what ways can quizzes be incorporated into a business's overall marketing strategy, and what channels are recommended for promoting them?

    5. Why are quizzes gaining popularity in marketing, especially in the era of AI, and how do they contribute to personalization and automation?

    6. What comprehensive training and support does Helen's The Quiz Academy offer, and how can businesses benefit from it?

    7. How can quizzes serve as significant lead generation opportunities and what makes them effective in engaging a brand's audience?

    8. What strategies are recommended for designing quizzes to guide customers into the right lane and offer personalized results based on their action?

    9. Why is it important to strategically promote and distribute quizzes as part of a quiz FUNNEL (vs a one-off content asset), and what role does distribution play in maximizing their impact?



  • 00:00 Helen offers quizzes and marketing with empathy.

  • 05:33 Personalized marketing: Tailoring offerings to quiz results.

  • 09:23 Popular call to action: schedule free discovery call.

  • 12:11 3 to 4 questions for accurate, personalized results.

  • 15:05 Quizzes let brand personality shine through creativity.

  • 16:38 "Making over content strategy through HGTV concept"

  • 22:20 Well-designed pages crucial for accessing information efficiently.

  • 24:46 Focus on client problem, not yourself.

  • 28:16 Quizzes go beyond titles and questions. Ideas for promotion and distribution.

  • 30:14 Quizzes offer personalized and automated customer interaction.

  • 33:02 Helen offers done-for-you work, emphasizing lead generation.



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