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Oct. 25, 2022

3 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Brand Podcast - Erik Jacobson, episode 84

3 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Brand Podcast - Erik Jacobson, episode 84



The days of media conglomerates controlling the distribution of content are over. Now, individual creators and brands have the power to create their own content and have it reach thousands to millions of people. One form of media that’s aiding in this shift is podcasting; its high levels of engagement and built-in niche audiences make it an appealing market for brands. 

Founder of podcast PR agency Lemonpie and podcast production company Hatch, Erik Jacobson is an expert in the world of podcast marketing. He’s joining Sarah on this episode of Marketing With Empathy to share his insights and tips to practice podcast to podcast marketing. 

Erik has learned a lot during his career, having helped more than 200 brands build awareness, generate leads, and drive revenue. He’s sharing how creating a podcast or going on a podcast tour can support brands at every level in the content marketing funnel. Plus, he also divulges three tactics that give the highest rates of success! 

Whether you’re thinking about starting your brand’s own podcast or considering a podcast tour, don’t miss all the knowledge shared in this episode! 


  • Successes podcasts are generating for brands 
  • The shift in content consumption and creation 

  • Ways brands can use podcasting in their content marketing strategy 
  • How podcasting helps at each level in the marketing funnel 
  • Podcast metrics and determining your brand’s podcast ROI 
  • Repurposing content from your podcast 
  • What kind of growth can a brand expect after launching a podcast? 

  • Erik’s company as an example of how a small audience can change a business 
  • Is a podcast tour the right strategy for you? 
  • Update on season three of Erik’s company podcast, Brands That Podcast 
  • Tips to have a successful podcast tour 
  • Who in the company should be the voice of the brand? 

  • Coordinating outreach for podcast interviews and a useful resource! 
  • Podcast to podcast marketing tactics 

Learn more about Erik's companies Lemonpie and Hatch. You can also connect with Erik on LinkedIn and listen to the Lemonpie podcast, Brands That Podcast, here

Need help finding the right podcasts for your podcast tour? Check out Erik’s recommendation, Rephonic


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