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Aug. 15, 2023

Making Content Accessible for Disabilities – Aaron Page, Allyant, episode 119

Making Content Accessible for Disabilities – Aaron Page, Allyant, episode 119

EP 119. 42.5 million Americans have some form of disability and most marketers aren’t optimizing their content to ensure its accessible. Tune in to get a lesson on how to make your digital written, video, audio, and photo content more accessible from expert, Aaron Page. Aaron’s also blind and gives us the inside scoop on the top mistakes company make when he's trying to access their content – including a listen to what his screen reader sounds like when reading a webpage.




  1. How can incorporating accessibility features in the creation of content benefit businesses and organizations?

  2. What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating accessible content?

  3. How can organizations ensure that the tools and platforms they use for content creation are accessible?

  4. What are some challenges faced by blind and visually impaired individuals when consuming digital content, such as images and videos?

  5. How can content creators use alt attributes effectively to make images accessible to screen reader users?

  6. What are some considerations when creating captions and transcripts for audio and video content?

  7. How can businesses leverage technologies and services to generate captions or transcripts more efficiently?

  8. What are some potential accessibility issues that can arise with video players or hosting services for audio content?

  9. How can organizations be proactive in addressing accessibility and ensuring their content is accessible from the beginning?

  10. How does creating accessible content not only benefit people with disabilities but also contribute to improved SEO and conversion rates for businesses?







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