May 13, 2022

Dark Tales of Premature Burial with Sarah Blake

Dark Tales of Premature Burial with Sarah Blake

Tucked away behind residential streets in the heart of Lurgan lies the centuries old Shankill Graveyard. As you creep through its wrought iron gate you will discover sinking tombstones with chilling stories to share- of a woman who lived once but was buried twice- a thought terrifying in our imaginations today but was once a reality....

Joining me in today's podcast is Sarah Blake from Hushed Up History. We discuss the prevalence of premature burial as well as some of the prevention methods and ways of detecting death. We also took a look into the cases of Margorie McCall and Essie Dunbar as well as a plethora of other macabre and fascinating talking points around this subject. 

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Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake began Hushed Up History in October 2014 as a way to tell the dark, amusing, surprising, and forgotten true tales hidden inside history's discarded pages. She currently lives in New Jersey and when she is not writing about all things weird she works in cemeteries and museums, studies tarot and mediumship, paints nightmares, and devours everything she can about the history of her ancestor's home of Salem, Massachusetts. She also drinks way too much tea and has absolutely no regrets about it. If learning about tarot floats your boat she can be found at Twin Crows Tarot on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.