Jan. 6, 2021

bathtub in flames

bathtub in flames

Bailee Noella is the author of  "bathtub in flames" and creator of Cyno Apparel, the streetwear line taking shame out of mental health conditions. Join me as I talk to her about her writing process and her healing process.

Tw/Cw: Trauma, abuse, childhood sexual assault, OCD, PTSD, substances, the pandemic, racism and sexism in Medicine, and spirituality.

bathtub in flames:

Cyno Apparel:

Signs of Childhood Abuse:




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Bailee Noella


Bailee Noella is a poet who writes for personal catharsis and to help others feel less alone. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, Bailee seeks to remove the stigma from mental illness through her work. It is for this same reason that she founded the streetwear brand cyno apparel, which features designs that raise awareness of mental health issues. Bailee also works as an editor, book marketer, freelance writer, and fashion stylist. When she's not writing or coordinating outfits, you may find Bailee buying things she doesn't need, researching skin care, or doodling on napkins.