Finding OK is created, produced, and promoted by only one person. That's a lot of work! Right now it is being funded out of pocket in the middle of a pandemic by someone who lost their job...yikes. ANY donation helps keep the podcast going. If you listen to the podcast and think that other listeners are would be sadly mistaken. Most months I don't receive a single donation, scrape to afford production fees, and borrow money from my partner to keep things going. If even a tiny fraction of people who listened to each episode donated $1 or $2 the cost would be covered. This is a full time, unpaid job. I have reached a point where I need to be clear that I have been operating at a deficit and I do need help from the listeners that can afford it. 

Anyone who donates receives a shoutout in the end of season Thank You episode. Thank you to everyone who donated to the first GoFundMe that launched the podcast, and thank you to those who have donated since and have helped keep the podcast going during these strange times. Your contributions mean so much to me and I think of you every time I make an episode. None of this would have been possible without you <3

One time donations are possible via PayPal and Membership options are now available via Patreon! Become a Patron and gain exclusive access to bonus material while helping keep the podcast alive! This is the BEST way to support the podcast and I have very exciting things planned for patrons moving forward if I can get enough support! It is thanks to Patrons that the podcast is not only still afloat, but able to grow and expand! You are changing my life and I am so grateful!

Thank you everyone who helps make this possible! <3


Monthly Podcast Costs:

Hosting fees - $18 

Canva, graphic design app - $13.81


Annual Costs:

Soundsnap subscription (FX) - $29

Podpage Website - $134

Web Domain - $11.16

Zoom - $150

Random Surprise Costs:
If I upload more than 3hrs of audio in a month it costs an extra $4
On occasion an author joining me on the show will provide me with a free download or copy of their book, but usually I buy it, the cost varies.

At this time there isn't enough money for an advertising budget (to reach new listeners), or for a transcript service (for accessibility) and for this I deeply apologize. If you are a listener with a transcript service and you would like to help by running an episode through it, please contact me. Thank you!