Thank you

Going through all these episodes are seriously helping me through my process of coping and healing. I appreciate you!


I've been looking for a podcast and any resources that speak to sexual trauma specifically. This is an emerging topic but still a little difficult to find. I'm inspired and feel so much relief to hear these words. I am going back to school to become a somatic experience counselor and hope to help people in this way. You've inspired me and saved me today as I woke up in pain and crying. I felt frustrated and unsure of how to navigate physical intimacy with my partner. I would love to hear some discussion around bringing in a partner. It's difficult. Thank you for your time and work. Also, You're voice is very calming.

Thank you

Inspired me to open up a part of my life again that happened to me five years ago. Thank you for helping me in my healing process

Hecate is a rockstar

Not only is she providing a safe space for indiviuals like me to share our Truth but she does it in such a compassionate way… her voice just sooths you… thank you 💜


Hecate is thoughtful and is doing the hard work that is this kind of visibility, healing, and sharing. Plus, the most soothing voice! ❤️

Sincere and understanding

This podcast is wonderful as is the host!

Love it!

Super amazing podcast. Highly recommend. I learn a new thing with every episode. Very relevant with everything happening in the world and helps bring diverse conversations to the surface that need to be listened to.