April 12, 2023

Offering Hope in Addiction-Part 1

Offering Hope in Addiction-Part 1

Ali and Adrienne talk about addiction, recovery, and hope.


About the Guest:

Adrienne Tichy (TICK-EE) is a Recovery Advocate, Co-Founder of The Lodge at Delray Beach Recovery Residence Community and the mastermind behind a cutting-edge program for the WHOLE family called Recovery Comes Home. She brings a fresh perspective to the path of recovery after suffering critical health challenges her whole life.

Adrienne and her husband Jim are on a mission to raise awareness about the prevalence of substance or process use disorders while reducing the stigma that all too often accompanies addictions. They live in the most wonderful community in Florida with their two K-9 daughters Blue and Skye while helping to return other’s peoples children to them. Here to talk all things addiction and chronic/critical illness is Adrienne Tichy!


The Lodge At Delray Beach | A Structured Living Environment For Recovery (thelodgedelray.com)

FB- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000089206598

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrienne-tichy-10408a65/


About the Host:

Alison Perry-Davies (Ali) is intentional about Finding Joy in her life

Sustaining a brain injury, being diagnosed with PTSD, and raising a daughter with a variety of challenges, Ali decided there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing and began her journey to find more joy.

Ali’s belief is that wherever we come from, we have all known some level of pain, loss, and trauma, these things do not need to define us. She doesn’t ignore that these things have happened; however, she decided this is not the way her story ends. Using integrated creative therapies along with sound and vibrational therapies she continues to explore and share complimentary healing modalities.

Ali is a recent winner of the WOW Woman of Worth 2023 award for "Community Spirit" sponsored by Global TV

Ali hosts the podcast, Find Your Joy. She is also a co-author in 2 WOW (Woman Of Worth) Books as well as a Family Tree series book on Mother Son relationships. She went on to write her own book,

 “The Art of Healing Trauma; Finding Joy through Creativity, Spirituality and Forgiveness” which went to number one best seller in seven categories on Amazon. 

A motivational speaker, singer/songwriter, poet, blogger, and author, Ali also shares her thoughts and ideas through her blog and website at aliwayart.com

Ali continues to use humour and compassion to invite, inspire and encourage others to Find Their Joy.