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Provide a Contact Page

Give listeners a way to get in touch with a contact page.

You have the option to show a contact form so people can get in touch with you over email. It adds a simple contact form to your page, letting the user send a quick message.

You can also show different places they can find you online, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

Image showing Provide a Contact Page

Other great features

Search Engine Optimization. Your site has been obsessively optimized to rank high on a search results page.

Web Hosting & Backups. Your website comes fully hosted and regularly backed up at no extra cost.

Mobile Optimized. Your page will be looked excellent on devices of any size.

Accessible to All. All pages have exceptionally high accessibility ratings.

SSL & Security. All websites sit behind an SSL certificate, keeping your listeners safe.

Lightning Fast. Your website will load quickly on desktop and mobile.

Add a Custom Domain. Use any domain you already have to show your Podpage website.

Automation. Your page will stay up to date as you post new episodes to your feed.

Episode Pages. Every episode gets its own page with all relevant info, indexed in Google.

Media Players. Listeners can play episodes directly from your site with great media players.

Subscribe Links. Your site will link directly to your podcast on a bunch of different players.

Receive Voicemails. Engage with listeners through voicemails.

Pretty Links. All pages automatically have speakable, human readable URLs.

Built for Sharing. Every episode has social sharing links and looks gorgeous when shared.

Write an About Page. Space to go into detail about you and what the show is about.

Categories. Define what topics your podcast covers, and sort episodes by category.

Convenient Links. Easy to remember links like /listen, /rate, /latest, and more.

Customize the Design. Customizable design lets you create a website that fits your brand.

Build a Mailing List. Give listeners the opportunity to easily join your newsletter.

Create Custom Pages. Make as many custom pages as you'd like for team, history, or sponsors.

Imported Reviews. Your site includes a page that lists your reviews from Apple Podcasts.

Write a Blog. Create and maintain a blog alongside your episode pages.

New Listener Section. Help new listeners find the best episodes to start with.

Redirects. Create simple, pretty links for sponsor and affiliate redirects.

Episode Search. Let listeners search through your archive of older episodes.

Track Analytics. Add your Google Analytics tag to see your traffic.

Apple Smart Banner. Prompt iOS users to open your podcast directly in Apple Podcasts.

Add Transcripts. Easily paste your episode transcript to each episode page.

Collect Comments. Give listeners another way to engage with you through comments.

Ask for Donations. Make it easy for listeners to donate to your podcast.

Offer Memberships. Ask users to join your premium membership program.

Provide a Contact Page. Give listeners a way to get in touch with a contact page.

Rating URL. Make it as easy as possible for listeners to rate your show.

Tracking for Ads. Build audiences for advertising platforms with tracking pixels.

Intergate with Marketing Tools. Connect your Podpage to leading mailing list platforms.

Generate Social Posts. Quickly generate a tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post.

Episode Videos. Include a video version of the episode on every episode page.