May 6, 2023

What is Iboga? with Troy Valencia

What is Iboga? with Troy Valencia

Today we are fortunate to be joined by Troy Valencia, who is an Iboga provider at the Awaken Your Soul Retreat Centre in Costa Rica. He has a master's in analytical chemistry in East-West psychology and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, writing his dissertation on the efficacy of Iboga as a psychotherapeutic tool.

Iboga is a psychedelic plant medicine, which is made from the tree bark of a little shrub that's found in the West African region. It's most well-known for the use of people who really struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. Troy introduces us to the uses of Iboga and how there is a psycho-spiritual connection that can help you explore stored memories and emotions. Iboga opens you up to the possibility of diving deep into the multi-dimensional being that you are.

Listen in as Troy discusses the uses of Iboga, its transformational powers, and how it can best be used to support your healing journey.

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Instagram: thesoulintegrator


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