Nov. 12, 2022

Medicinal Plants with Rebecca Lazarou

Medicinal Plants with Rebecca Lazarou

What we are seeing in the medical world today is the need and desire to integrate modern science with ancient wisdom and holistic wellness. Today I am joined by Rebecca Lazarou, who is a medicinal plant scientist, herbal expert, and holistic therapist here to help us heal using natural medicinal products. She is passionate about using science to better understand how natural medicines work and does this through her own research at Kew Gardens and editing for the academic Journal of Herbal Medicine. She has founded Laz The Plant Scientist - an online platform exploring the relationship between plants + Funghi, science, and well-being where she shares her research and natural medicinal products.

Rebecca shares with us the beauty of science as an exploration into understanding ancient medicines and plants to bring empowerment to people in choosing the best possible ways to achieve healing. Many truths can coexist at the same time. Pharmaceuticals and plant medicines both have benefits in our healing.

Listen in as Rebecca and I discuss the ancient wisdoms of the plant world, bridging the gap between science and plant medicines, and being courageous enough to speak up against science and advocate for your healing.

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