March 18, 2023

Let’s Talk About Death with Christina Watson

Let’s Talk About Death with Christina Watson
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How do you view death and grief? Today, I am lucky to be joined by Christina Watson, who shares her perspective on death and grief. Christina wears many hats. She is a creative facilitator and worked in the charity sector, but I have brought her onto this podcast to talk about death because Christina wants to disrupt the way we relate to death as a society. She is creating purposeful peer groups known as huddles because she believes that our learning does not have to be limited to institutions and curriculum written by someone else. We can learn in creative ways in the community, especially when dealing with this theme.

Christina first experienced death and grief at a young age, when she lost her Mom, and that loss helped shaped her view on death. She recognized how difficult it was for her to share or express her grief with others because of the uncomfortableness others displayed about her grief. This loss has birthed a deep curiosity about how society views and handles death and grief and how we can get reconnected to this part of life. Christina believes death is an opening to notice more widely the things we love and find the joy we do have in our lives.

Listen in as Christina and I explore with curiosity the disconnect between death and grief, how Christina is disrupting the status quo on grief and death processing, and how she sees death as a great connector to the things we truly love.

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