March 4, 2023

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety with Sophie Neve

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety with Sophie Neve
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Have you ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack? Then this episode is for you. Today I am joined by Sophie Neve, who is a free-spirited, tarot-slinging Hypnotherapist from East Yorkshire, specializing in treating anxiety with hypnosis. She believes our emotions from the past become trapped in our bodies, minds, and soul. We can literally re-program our thoughts and re-wire our brains with the help of hypnotherapy.

Often when people come into A & E with panic attack symptoms, they are told nothing is wrong with them physically, so they are turned away. Sophie is bringing awareness to the power of Hypnosis in treating and managing those anxiety or panic attacks.

Join Sophie and I as we discuss what hypnotherapy is, how it can help with your anxiety, and some tips and trick you can use in the moment of a panic attack.