Feb. 25, 2023

Doctors Discussing Disease-Care with Dr. Nic Stokes

Doctors Discussing Disease-Care with Dr. Nic Stokes

Today I am excited to be joined by Dr. Nic Stokes. Nic is a bit of a newfound kindred spirit. She is an Anaesthetic doctor working in London - who, like me - has started to deeply question the current disconnected, disembodied, disempowering western approach and her role within it.

Nic is an anesthetic and intensive care doctor who has worked in the NHS for the last 8 years. Her early career has involved working in the field of global health, having worked in refugee camps in Greece, Uganda, and Bangladesh. This interest led her to start a radio show on London's SohoRadio 4 years ago called Global Health Global Beats, which intersperses music from around the world with conversations in healthcare. 

She is now interested in how we give people the tools to be well and offload the healthcare systems. She has recently become a breathwork instructor and strongly believes that community saunas and breathwork are key components to improving people's health.

Join Dr. Nic and I as we talk about how Nic has come to view the Western Medical System and the challenges of challenging that system. This is a thoughtful and connecting conversation you won’t want to miss out on!