April 29, 2023

Breathing Cold

Breathing Cold

What is Breathwork? And why is it so important for our health?


Today, I am excited to be joined by Alex Tsuk, who is a breathwork facilitator, trainer, and founder of breathing cold, which has trained more than 6000 people in the power of the breath, and ice baths. I've just come off one of his retreats and wanted Alex to come on here and share his wealth of knowledge and experience of both these healing modalities.

Alex describes breathwork as the Swiss Army tool for our health. Consciously connecting to your breath can calm the mind, body, and soul by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Being in this state will help your body to get into a rest, digest, and repair mode that is crucial for healing.

Listen in as Alex and I discuss the impact of breathwork on mind, body, and soul healing, the different types of breathwork, and some tools on how to consciously connect to your breath.