April 9, 2022

Cultural Chameleon Episode 14 - Temporary Tuscany

Cultural Chameleon Episode 14 - Temporary Tuscany
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Cultural Chameleon Travel Podcast with Rod Desch

The Tuscan region of Italy is one of those places where you actually get what you expect, and more. The culture and history surround you as the people attempt to embrace you in their unparalleled lifestyle. My guest, Katrina Cobb, who identifies as a digital nomad, shares her experience during an extended stay in a small mid-evil village surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and chestnut trees. After reading an article online about the villages of Italy providing incentives to attract remote workers, she decided to make the journey and experience "La Dolce Vita" first hand. What's it like to date when you don't speak the language? How vital is the dining process integrated into the Italian culture? This episode allows you to hear her share with Rod her perspective on her time in Santa Fiora, Italy.


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