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I’m an unprofessional chef, I love this show
Absolute gem - the host, guests, topics, conversation flow… this is an all-around banger of a podcast for food lovers and anyone coming into the food industry sideways (like me)

One of only a few Shows I listen to.
Foody much? I am a business man, and I have owned, and will own again, a food business… I currently own a hospitality and service business that is not food, but my Wife and Daughter are both Chefs; one with and one without a restaurant. This is one of maybe about two podcast that I listen to on a regular basis. I have other podcast that I follow, but I usually hit “mark as read” two minutes in… But not this one. #truestory You have to understand that I own over a month (24hours x 31 days) worth of Audible books and have been listening to myriads of Podcast hours since they first became a thing. Most Podcast and Audio Books are GARBAGE, but Chris Spears and his “Chefs Without Restaurants” is NON-pretentious and real. Unlike most podcast, you can actually get something out of it consistently. Heck, it is even entertaining most of the time. It is always interesting and useful. I am sure that you will find it to be a favorite for yourself, as well. #100

Such a Great show!
There are a lot of food podcasts, but I really think that Chris’ voice and perspective is unique and such a welcome addition to a sea of content. It’s one of the few shows I stop what I’m doing to play and I’m never disappointed.

Great podcast!
Chris is an awesome host and brings on interesting guests! The show is both inspiring and actionable. Keep going! 🙌

Great Resource for ALL Chefs
I am so glad Chris created a community for Chef that don’t work in the traditional restaurant jobs. I wish I had a resource like this 20 years ago when I was a young chef looking for other venues to cook in. Not only are there great interviews and conversations with Non restaurant Chefs but there are great interviews for All chef and food enthusiasts.

Great advice for chefs
This podcast is well produced and gives great advice to chefs and cooks. The guests are knowledgeable and mostly relatable. I’ve enjoyed listening and learning.

Great podcast
Thank you Chris for this podcast. So many inspiring interviews! Keep it up!

Great podcast
I love the info & perspective given from other chefs around the country. The raw ideas and candidness shows the authenticity of the chefs as well as reminds me that these are real people not figure heads on a TV show.

Great Podcast!
I’m a Personal Chef! Started my business 4 months ago and the journey has been awesome! This podcast has been with me all the way! Great conversations! Awesome advice! I get a new perspective every time I listen!

Excellent Industry Podcast
Great variety of interesting guests, chill host, lots of good info, and a righteous mission. I’m grateful for this podcast.

Love this podcast!
I enjoy this podcast weekly. Chris interviews a wide range of guests in the culinary field! I recommend to anyone who loves to cook from chefs to home cooks!

I Feel Like I'm Breaking Bread Here
This podcast is beautifully produced! I feel like I am breaking bread with Chris and his guests, while learning about business, doing things out of the box, and being successful. Thank you, and well done!

Podcast with an Amazing Perspective
This podcast showcases people without the typical career in the culinary world. We are multifaceted! The podcast shares stories & backgrounds of people in careers I never thought of. Thank you Chris for opening my eyes and putting this perspective out to the world.

Wonderful Show!!
I have been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years. I am a personal chef now. Chef Chris's show is always interesting topic and very educational and sympathetic. I listen to this show while cooking and washing the dishes. It make it even more fun! I thank you for this wonderful show! If you are interested in the restaurant industry, you should definitely listen to this show!!

Chris is a star at networking, I’ve been a following fan of his way before he started his podcast because of this. It’s a great outlet and platform he has created by condensing great conversations for all types of food industry folk. Chris is a great conversationist and keep the vibe organic and flowing. I definitely recommend subscribing and listening! Cheers.

Bard Provisions, John Bard, CEC
Great podcast for anyone in the food industry. A lot of good ideas, directions and information. I’ve been in food service all my life (40+years) and you never know what’s going to happen next, especially now... Always need to continue to learn, grow & stretch your imagination. Chris is honest, asks great questions and really gets a lot out of his guests. 💪🏼👨🏼‍🍳😷🙏

Love This Podcast!
On this podcast, Chris shares so many interesting and inspiring stories of the hardworking and talented chefs without restaurants, many of whom often go under the radar. The questions Chris asks his interviewees are thoughtful, insightful, and fun! I also had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Chris and had a wonderful time speaking with him. I hope he continues to highlight the struggles, wins, and inspiring stories of chefs for many years to come!

Great Show
Chris interviews people you won’t find on every other podcast and dives into things people in the industry want to hear.

Love this podcast
I love listening to this podcast. It offers so many interesting perspectives from different people in the food world. Super entertaining as well!

I loved talking with Chris. Finally someone is giving a platform to Chefs without restaurants!

Excellent Podcast
This podcast does a great job highlighting some of the hardest working folks in the hospitality industry. I love the diversity of the guests and topics covered - everyone has such a unique journey and story to tell. I always look forward to the next episode coming out!

Straight from the horse’s mouth!
Conversational, revealing, candid, and unpretentious interviews—packed with enlightening ideas and perspectives from long-time industry veterans. I’ve been cooking for 20 years and I still find inspiration listening to other chefs and restaurateurs. Thanks Chris!

Amazing Podcast♥️
I loved talking to Chef Chris , he’s fun and easy to talk to , Chris asks very important questions to help inform his listeners. I appreciate the support he offers to Chefs without resturants through his podcast. Thank you Chef Chris for giving me the space to share with you stories from my Culinary Journey. Can’t wait for Covid19 to disappear so we can have a cookout at your Church. Stay Blessed- Salam - سلام Chef Hanan

Great interviews and content!
This podcast does such a great job of supporting the community of chefs without restaurants. Take a listen!

Great podcast
Chris is easy to listen to and provides great tips and insights into the culinary industry,

Up and coming!
Every episode is quality!

Great Podcast and interview.
I had the good fortune of being a guest on this podcast. Prior to that I had been a fan. Both Chris and Andrew were wonderful host. This is a real podcast from folks who are a part of the food and beverage industry. Could not have asked for a better experience. Thanks again fellas.

Great exposure for chefs
This show is gem, it gives local chefs great exposure. And Chris always has amazing content.

Absolutely love listening!
I love listening and learning about local talent!

Love the episode with Anthony
First time listening was the episode with Anthony DiGiulian and it was awesome. Lots of good info for people who just want to become better home cooks and support small businesses. Shout out to Keepwell Vinegar/White Rose Miso.