Season 3

Feb. 11, 2022

Show Your Work and Don't Fear Criticism

This is a mini-episode about showing your work. I made this episode for the new creators out there. Whether you’re blogging, podcasting, or posting photos on Instagram, there are going to be people out there (usually strange…
Feb. 8, 2022

Learn How to Start an Online Cooking Class Business with Chef Matt Finarelli

This week I have personal chef and cooking instructor Matt Finarelli. Matt was a guest on our show way back in March 2020. In fact, he might’ve been the last in-person show that we recorded before the Covid shut down. If you…
Feb. 1, 2022

From Fine Dining to the Personal Chef Business with Chef Lana Lagomarsini of Lana Cooks

This week, we're joined by Lana Lagomarsini. Lana is the chef and owner of Lana Cooks, a personal chef business based in the New York City area. Lana comes from a fine-dining background, having cooked at Blue Hill at Stone B…