Jan. 12, 2022

Magazine Edition: Leadership Philosophy. Finding Unicorn Space | MAG002

Magazine Edition: Leadership Philosophy. Finding Unicorn Space | MAG002
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In this episode you’ll get a week’s worth of reading in 15 minutes. Learn what shaped Ed Bastien’s leadership philosophy, why it makes sense to take a little break, how to ask better questions and why it’s important to have an infinite horizon “Live and Lead Better.”

CEO News you can use:

  1. CEO Spotlight: Ed Bastien – Delta Airlines.
  2. One Thought: Give me a break.
  3. One Quote: Warren Buffet on 20 years and 5 minutes.
  4. Another Thought: Walk for one minute
  5. One Skill: The art of brilliant questions.
  6. One Book: The Long Game by Dorie Clark.
  7. One Diversion: Finding Unicorn Space

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