The Best 10 Marketing Podcasts for Digital Creators and Podcasters

Learn the top 10 best marketing podcasts out there for digital creators and podcasters looking to grow their brands, expand their reach, and even make passive income from their content!

Listening to podcasts can be a great way for podcasters and digital creators of all kinds to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing topics, including email marketing, social media, and other valuable strategies.

There's so much free content out there that is packed full of gems from leading industry experts. In this blog, we share the top 10 best marketing podcasts out there for digital creators and podcasters looking to grow their brands, expand their reach, and even make passive income from their content!

How to find marketing podcasts with the most value

Finding good podcasts isn't always as easy as searching Apple Podcasts. Good shows are often buried beneath thousands of others, and it can be difficult for potential listeners to search through them all to find the ones that are best suited to their needs.

Here are two ways to cut through the noise and find the best, most-tailored content.

Option #1: Use alternative directories – Podcast directories like Listen Notes have more tailored search options, which ultimately give you better search results than larger, more popular directories.
Option #2: Look to other resources – Some of the best resources are: GoodPods, Podcast Alarm, Find That Pod, EarBuds Podcast Collective, and PodFinder.

While you're searching, keep in mind the specific marketing topic you want to learn more about. The above directories let you get really specific, so consider one of the topics from this list to narrow down your search:

  • Strategies and tactics for email marketing
  • Strategies and tactics for social media
  • Tips on how to use data to inform decisions
  • Case studies of successful campaigns
  • How to gain more reach and engagement for content
  • Best practices for creating better videos, images, audio, etc.
  • Building an online presence through networking and collaboration

There's a goldmine of information available for free that can level up your content and give you an edge over your competition. Now let's break down the best marketing podcasts out there (in our opinion).

The top 10 best marketing podcasts for podcasters and digital creators

Each podcast on this list offers unique insights and strategies that can help you grow your business or brand. Whether you're looking to improve your email marketing, boost your social media presence, or get more passive income, there's a podcast that can help.

#1. Marketing School

The Marketing School podcast is hosted by digital marketers Neil Patel and Eric Siu, who share insights on a variety of marketing insights from their extensive experience in the industry. They discuss the most effective tips and tricks for social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion optimization. They have over 2,400 episodes and release podcast content nearly every single day.

#2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

The Social Media Marketing Podcast provides advice and strategies around using social media to reach a larger audience, build relationships, and grow your business. Hosts Michael Stelzner and guests cover topics like YouTube Ad Strategy, how to use story in your marketing strategy, how to use AI to help your marketing efforts, and much more.

#3. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy is an insightful podcast by Amy Porterfield that helps podcasters, and digital creators reach their goals. Porterfield specializes in breaking down big ideas into actionable steps on to all things related to online business. covers topics such as content strategy, email marketing, hosting webinars, and creating profitable courses.

#4. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

The Digital Marketer Podcast is an excellent option for podcasters looking to enhance their digital strategies. Host Mark Degrasse provides valuable advice on topics such as email marketing, content optimization, and social media campaigns. The podcast provides interviews with influential figures in digital marketing, offering in-depth experience and examples to help you implement effective marketing strategies.

#5. Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple is a podcast hosted by author and business owner Donald Miller. The podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to make better decisions, increase their productivity, and grow their brands.

Each week, Miller covers a topic to help business owners streamline and optimize their marketing for maximum effect. 

The episodes offer a range of topics that are helpful to digital creators and online entrepreneurs specifically, such as creating content strategies, monetizing content, and personal development practices from relevant thought leaders.

#6. Marketing Over Coffee

The Marketing Over Coffee podcast is a weekly podcast that covers the latest marketing trends and strategies. The podcast is hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, who both have years of experience in the industry. Listeners give it 4.6 stars for giving practical, valuable advice they can easily apply to their own marketing strategies.

#7. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn's podcast, Smart Passive Income, teaches listeners the ins and outs of building authority online, email marketing, podcasting, SEO, social media strategies, and content marketing. 

Pat shares all the lessons he's learned since 2008, from his big wins to his losses, and gives advice on how to create multiple passive income streams that give you the freedom to do what you love.

#8. 20 Minute Marketing

The 20-Minute Marketing Podcast by Reach Interactive provides bite-sized tips and tactics for marketers looking to get more from their campaigns. 

Episodes feature conversations with marketing industry experts, covering daily activities, emerging trends, future prospects, and recurring themes such as SEO, PPC, social, branding, content, and more. Towards the end of every episode, guests also share stories of their career progress.

#9. The Growth Show by HubSpot

The Growth Show by HubSpot is a podcast that focuses on helping businesses grow. It covers topics like marketing, sales, customer service, leadership, and more. It's best for business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone who wants to grow their business or brand. The hosts provide insights into different tactics and strategies, as well as interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

#10. The Influencer Podcast

The Influencer Podcast is hosted by author and influencer Julie Solomon and addresses the best practices for influencer marketing. 

Episodes cover how digital creators can elevate to new levels of visibility and impact. It's perfect for anyone interested in learning practical tools that can enrich your personal brand and expand your business.

These are just a handful of the great podcasts out there for digital creators and podcasters looking to grow their brands, expand their reach, and even make passive income from their content.

Get the most of free content: How to build your business by listening to marketing podcasts

Choosing great podcasts to listen to can be as valuable as a paid course. But it's easy to listen to podcasts and then either forget the tips you learned or not know how to apply them to your own content in a way that makes it objectively better. Here are some ways to get the most out of this free content:

1. Keep a running list of actionable takeaways. This way, you can refer back to the notes later and use them as part of your content creation process.

2. Take time to research the topics that are discussed in each podcast episode. Doing so will allow you to dive deeper into the concepts and strategies discussed on the show, helping you build and fine-tune your own ideas.

3. Use podcasts as inspiration for creating content of your own or collaborating with others in the same space. You can use the topics and takeaways to come up with new projects, blog post ideas, and more.

4. Network with other listeners through social media. Connecting with like-minded people will help you learn even more and help you get your content out to the right people.

5. Try a podcast challenge, like the 30-day “Listen To Lead” challenge from HubSpot. This challenge encourages listeners to invest in their personal growth with one tip per day for 30 days. This can help keep you focused and motivated as you work on improving your content strategy. Of course, you can create your podcast challenge and commit to listening to a certain amount of episodes in a defined period of time.

Bonus tip: Download an app like Spotify or Podcast Addict (Apple Podcasts doesn't have a custom playlist feature) and put together episodes in a playlist on a particular topic you want to learn more about. Kind of like curating your own free online course.

Summary & takeaways

Podcasts are a great way for podcasters and digital creators in general to learn more about digital marketing. They provide free, bite-sized advice and tips from experts in the field. Even better, a lot of podcasters in the marketing space know that they build trust with listeners by giving away some of their best content for free. So, you’re likely to stumble on a lot of information that is truly valuable.

Additional marketing resources to boost your podcast marketing: 

And if you're just getting started with your podcast, our How to Start a Podcast guide can help break down all the fundamentals for a simple and successful launch!

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