Aug. 8, 2022

World Citizen

Meet Joe Diomede, a cyclist who has pursued his passion for seeing the world on two wheels and has authored a book about his many adventures.

If you are an avid cyclist who has dreamed about traveling the world, meet Joe Diomede. Better known as Bicycle Joe, this cyclist has pursued his passion for seeing the world on two wheels and has authored a book about his many adventures.

Cycling has changed Joe’s life, and he has spent many years working and living on his bicycle. Inspired by his bike life, Joe recounts incredible memories he and his family have had while cycling and living in various countries.

Joe has spent time in Africa helping provide bikes for people in need and believes the best part of cycling is that it is accessible to everyone. Joe thinks any story that explores the infinite possibilities cycling can add to life is an empowering story.

5 Fun Facts to Know About Joe:

  • He was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He used to be a motorcyclist but saw his first mountain bike in Japan in 1987 and never looked back. Back then, Joe and some friends put together the first dropped handlebar mountain touring bikes.
  • He spent nine years traveling and working worldwide, with his bicycle being his primary means of transportation.
  • He met his wife 26 years ago on The Tibetan–Chinese border. He was on a bike, and she was traveling with friends by bus. He talked her into buying a bicycle and traveling with him into Tibet. 26 years later, they still ride their bikes, tour, and are Warmshowers hosts.
  • His bike life led him to work in and own bicycle shops for over a quarter of a century. He never stopped traveling, mainly by bicycle. He and his wife have two children who grew up on bicycles and in bike shops, and now they are both mountain bikers and work in bicycle and ski shops in The Pyrenees in France, where the family now lives.
  • He has written a book recounting the central part of his two-wheel travel life. He also has a cycling article in a British magazine called Permaculture Magazine, Issue No. 111.

Learn more about Joe and follow his adventures on his website, Cycles of a Traveler, and on YouTube.

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