March 20, 2023

Turn Left to Nowhere

Meet Tucker Atwood, a math teacher, actor, author, and adventurer.

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Meet Tucker Atwood, a math teacher, actor, author, and adventurer.

In 2019, Tucker and his brother spent 4 months thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. The trip gave him a new perspective on life and inspired him to go on more adventures. So, he bought a bike and began exploring while riding.

He bike-toured the East Coast Greenway in 2021 and experienced many ups and downs, inclement weather, and even became a background actor in a TV commercial. Tucker says the beauty of biking and hiking adventures is that you can’t truly prepare for them other than just experiencing them.

Tucker has been captivated by this slow way of seeing life. Next time, he is considering taking the Camino del Santiago Trail in Spain, traveling on the Pacific Crest Trail, or taking a cross-country tour; who knows? The future is wide open, and many more exciting adventures are out there.

Follow Tucker on Instagram at @hubagruben. Check out his accidental appearance in the Third Base Pizza commercial (12, 46 & 56 second marks). Tucker’s book, “Turn Left to Nowhere,” is available HERE.

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