May 1, 2023

New Wheels for our Bike Giveaway Winner!

Hear from the Warmshowers 2022 Bike Giveaway winner, retired fireman and professional grandpa Steve Diaz.

Is this a joke? That’s what retired fireman and professional grandpa Steve Diaz said when he found out that he won the Warmshowers 2022 Bike Giveaway.

Steve and Cindy, who live in beautiful Mt. Shasta, CA, heard about Warmshowers 4 years ago and set up a profile. They were excited to get their first guest soon after, who turned out to be Ken Francis! For those of you who don’t know, Ken is a Warmshowers OG and a former board member. Listen to his most recent Bike Life episode here.

Steve entered the Bike Giveaway via postcard and was shocked when he won! He chose a Dolan GXC Titanium Gravel Disc Bike, and we want to extend huge thanks to Dolan Bikes for their help and special attention. Of his new bike, Steve says, “The freewheel makes a kind of purring sound. It shall be called Kitty!!”

The 2023 Bike Giveaway will run from May 15th – June 25th and is open to all registered Warmshowers users. Get more information on how to enter here.

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Happy riding and hosting!