May 15, 2023

Jo Follows the Call of Adventure

Adventurer, Jo Davies, is on an incredible adventure riding her bike from Boston, MA, home to the UK, via the “scenic route.”

For many years, Jo Davies harbored a natural yearning for adventure. When her US work visa was about to expire last year, she could have just flown back to the UK. But this adventurer decided to take the “scenic route” and ride her bike home instead.

Currently in Panama, Jo shares her incredible experience of leaving Boston for Vancouver, turning left, and heading down the Pacific coast into Mexico, learning Spanish on the fly. She shares her approach to planning long-distance cycling tours, how she became more relaxed about planning as her trip progressed, and the importance of unpredictability on an adventure.

Five fun facts about Jo’s Adventure:

  • One of her favorite overnight stays was camping in a barn with a team of paleontologists in eastern Montana, where they were digging up a Triceratops!
  • Jo enjoys keeping a log of various statistics about her trip, such as accommodation sources and types, along with all her cycle-related statistics.
  • She’s made many great connections, met so many ace people through Warmshowers, and even found a host to teach her Spanish as she rapidly approached Mexico.
  • She has kept her favorite traditions throughout her trip, celebrating milestones with espresso martinis and croissants, calling home with family every Sunday afternoon, and stopping for surfing lessons wherever possible.
  • After staying at so many splendid bike camps, hostels, and casas de ciclistas during her trip, she dreams of opening a bike camp someday.

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Happy riding and hosting!