July 25, 2022

Hosting Handprints

Meet Chuck and Susan Atkinson; they have hosted almost 300 cyclists in their home in the Balkans who have all left unique handprints in their lives.

Can you imagine hosting almost 300 people in four years? That’s precisely what Chuck Atkinson and his wife have done.

Chuck and Susan are ex-pats from the U.S. They flew to Istanbul in 2011 with the idea of pedaling on their recumbent trikes for two years. Outside of a few breaks, the couple has remained on the road across the Atlantic for years.

Four years ago, the Atkinsons decided to settle in Shkoder, Albania, along the Balken coast for the winter months. When they began hosting with Warmshowers, they had no idea how many people routed through Shkoder. Hear why they love to host and how their guests have left unique handprints in their lives.

5 Fun Things that Chuck Atkinson wants you to know:

  • The people Chuck and Susan have met while traveling have been amazing and supportive of their journey.
  • In all of their days pedaling on this Earth, they have NEVER not been able to find a place to sleep on any given night.
  • Traveling by bicycle offers a unique experience and a different way to see the world.
  • The Balkans are an amazing place to explore by bicycle.
  • The people of the Balkans are amazingly friendly, and it is very safe to ride there.


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Happy riding and hosting!