Nov. 14, 2022

Creating Possible

Meet Tarra Gundrum who created possible by setting off on her first solo bike tour without knowing anything about cycle touring!

What do you do when you dream about taking a long-distance bike tour but know nothing about solo cycle touring? You buy a bike, load it down, and ride 60 miles through the Wisconsin countryside, that’s what!

Tarra has been passionate about the outdoors since serving in the United States Marine Corps where she learned to become one with nature to survive. This training gave her the courage and motivation to step out into the space of solo bike touring. Tarra’s time on her bike fosters her creation and helps her visualize what’s next in her life.

In Creating Possible, Tarra recounts how she designed her first solo tour around Warmshower hosts where she felt surrounded by kindness and bike education. Being a part of the bike community has had a profound impact on her inspiring her to do more extensive cycle touring including raising money to help others.

Tarra is a living example of what can happen when you believe in yourself, live outside your comfort zone, and push your own edges of what’s possible.

Fun Facts to Know about Tarra:

  • She is a USMC Veteran, mother, wife, and lover of Christ.
  • The Warmshowers community plays a big role in all her tours, and she is grateful to all her hosts.
  • To give back, she dedicates some of her tours to raising funds specifically for the Wisconsin 9-11 Memorial.
  • Tarra’s podcast, The Possible Project, is about people who are affecting positive change and making a difference.


Learn more about Tarra and follow her on her podcast, The Possible Project Podcast, on Facebook, Instagram, and her YouTube channel.

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Happy riding and hosting!