Sept. 5, 2022

Best of Humanity

Daniel Stein believes you experience the best of humanity from a bicycle seat.

How do you experience the best of humanity? According to Daniel Stein, you experience it from a bicycle seat. Daniel believes other people view cyclists as trustworthy individuals making them more open to interactions.

Originally from New York City, having lived in Chicago, and now living in Mexico City, Daniel has a unique perspective because he uses his bicycle as his primary means of transportation. Being a city cyclist, he advocates for more bike lanes to increase bike access anywhere in the world.

In today’s episode, Daniel recounts how he had minimal bike maintenance experience on his first tour and was helped by so many along the way. Now he is ready to give back and shares some tips and tricks he has learned since that first trip.

5 Fun Facts about Daniel:

  • He believes you meet the best of humanity on a bike.
  • Arguably, the loneliest place he has biked was the northern Nevada desert. Still, it's the part of the trip he remembers most fondly for the discoveries/personal realizations about his life that he made. He shares that it was epiphanic.
  • He strongly advocates for more bike lanes in cities and towns and bikeable highways between them. He would love to organize with other community members for greater bike access everywhere.
  • He hopes to never depend on a car again.
  • Every pedal stroke is pedaling for peace since it doesn't require fossil fuels and the wars we fight for them.


You can learn more about Daniel’s 2013 tour from Chicago to San Francisco in his blog Bike Big or Go Home

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