Dec. 12, 2022

A First Time for Everything

On separate bike tours, two people from different parts of the country cross routes in Midland, MI, and become Matt and Kathy’s first-ever Warmshowers’ guests.

Today’s episode of Bike Life aired earlier this year and attracted tremendous attention for its unique story. We are happy to bring it to you again and wish you happy riding and hosting!

Nate was biking cross-country on his first long-distance tour. Augusta (Gus) was on a 2 ½ month ride from Washington through Canada to Maine. Two people from different parts of the country on separate trips and routes. How did they come together? They crossed paths the same evening in Midland, MI, and became Matt and Kathy’s first-ever Warmshowers’ guests. 

Nathan Babb, Gus Klein, and Matt and Kathy Rassette might have met by chance, but they all share a deep love of life, adventure, and cycling. In A First Time for Everything, hear how even though they spent just 14 hours together one summer, the connection they made will last a lifetime.

As Matt puts it, hosting is fun, and life is short so laugh much, ride far and stay tuned in!

You can follow Nate’s adventures in his Bike Journal and meet Augusta and Matt on Facebook.

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