April 19, 2023

Exploring Health & Wellness With a Multi-Passionate Mindset

Exploring Health & Wellness With a Multi-Passionate Mindset

In this episode of A Whole Lotta Shift, the host welcomes Mary Louise, a certified health and life coach, yoga instructor, and aroma touch practitioner. Mary Louise shares her experiences and interests in the world of health and wellness. The host emphasizes the importance of being multi-passionate and encourages listeners to explore different paths in their own journeys. Throughout the episode, Mary Louise emphasizes the beauty of going down different paths and trying out different specialty areas in the wellness industry.


About the Guest:

Mary Louise Rose is a certified health & life coach, yoga instructor, Reiki, and AromaTouch practitioner. She has been pursuing her passion for health for the past 4 plus years and feels most accomplished when her clients achieve their goals. She enjoys teaching people how to easily incorporate nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset into their life.

She’s been a lifelong resident of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Her hobbies include hiking, outdoor activities, and traveling with her husband, teenage daughter, and teenage stepson.

Mary Louise is so excited to share her expertise and ways that you can be successful on your health journey.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MLMonger

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaryLouise0712

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About the Host:

Jen is a Dream Catalyst and Business Mentor saving hustling female solopreneurs from the chains of corporate America. Her passion lies in helping women through their self-awakening so they can finally break free, turn their side hustle into the business of their dreams, and live a life full of time, location and financial freedom.

Jen is a California girl at heart, now living out her dream in the Midwest, traveling, coaching female solopreneurs and sharing her own story of triumph and empowerment across speaking platforms. When she's not traveling, she enjoys spending time with her college-aged son and her rescued Pit Bull.

After 20 years of various project manager and corporate trainer roles while juggling a wide array of side gigs, she has mastered the ability to help women see what they cannot see, believe they are meant for more and take aligned action to make it happen. With an MBA in Change Management and a Health and Life Coach Certification from the Health Coach Institute, Jen is an expert at creating both the business process changes and the personal habit changes needed to finally Break UP with corporate and go all-in on your side hustle or long-standing passion project.

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