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CROC kills it!
Great show, straight to the point, no fluff. Mike brings the heat! Mark Savant - After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast

Amazing Host
I really enjoyed being on the show with Mike, he has a really delightful presence about him and a real natural host…he asked some great questions to provoke some insightful responses. I hope everyone enjoys the show just as much as I did. Keep up the great work Mike! Thanks again.

Amazing Time!
Been an admirer of Mike’s for years and all that he has accomplished and put out for the business community. Being on show with him was a big honor and amazing experience, this is a GREAT show and product he puts together to help others learn, be inspired and optimistic about their own greatness. Thanks Mike!!!

Great podcast - easily to listen, tons of value
One of my favorite podcasts. Mike is easily to listen to, has great guests, and always has value to offer. Highly recommend.

Amazing Interviewer!!!
Wow, have to say i’ve been interviewed on many podcasts - and this was among the finest of them all. Mike’s ‘how to live a great life questions’, filled with both knowledge and curiosity, kept coming - and it was truly my privilege and my pleasure to answer them all. Thank you, Mike!!!

I love this show because the host and his guests are transparent and vulnerable. People want to learn from real people and C-Roc an his amazing guests are the real deal. We can all learn from others’ experiences. Podcasts like this one help us learn from others all over the world from the comfort of our homes.

Rocket Fuel for Inspiration
C-Roc has some positive ENERGY! It is impossible to listen to this show, and the amazing guests he brings on, and not be inspired to go out and do great things. Just the jolt of energy needed to get anybody moving. Great show.

Exceptional Content and Interesting Guests
Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is an exceptional interviewer and along with his guests leaves you wanting to learn more.

Yes, yes, yes
C-Roc knows how to get the BEST out of everyone and ensure his audience leaves laughing (or cyring) and ALWAYS informed and inspired.

Great podcast!
Thank you for having me as a guest on your podcast! Excellent podcast with many great inspirational topics!

Love the show!
Keep up the awesome content!

Amazing podcast
I listen to every episode. So much great information.

He's the man with a plan, definitely tune in!

Great show!
Inspiring show! Great listen for any entrepreneur pushing against the grain to pursue their dreams.

Real, Raw and Awesome!
I absolutely LOVE the flow and intent of this podcast. Uplifting, and inspiring. So much knowledge packed into short, sweet, powerful episodes!

This will get you fired up for life!
If it’s some motivation you need or maybe some life lessons on how to be unstoppable, you are in the right place! The most amazing guests and inspirational messages to get you fired up for life!

Great podcast!
This is a great podcast with absolutely great guests! Mike does a great job interviewing.

Great show, Great Energy
Listening to Mike's show does give you the rocket fuel to get out of your orbit of negativity and procrastination. I would highly recommend listnening to Mike's show inthe moring so your day "takes off". Having Mike on my podcast, Encouragmeent Engineering as a guest, allows listeners to see the benefits of staying focused to achieve your goals/

A Needed Dose Of Positivity!
I love this podcast! It’s all about being positive, taking responsibility for your life and your actions. Things we don’t hear about too much anymore. Great guests. Make your life better - listen to this podcast!

Inspiring, Motivating, No-Holds Barred!
Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco delivers a one-two punch with a podcast that showcases his energy and enthusiasm, and also fantastic guests that help you take action and change your mindset. Be sure to subscribe!

What an amazing show ... inspiration ... greatness at a high level ... what every entrepreneur needs to hear ... and implement into their own lives

Absolutely Kick Ass!
C-Roc is bringing it with this podcast! Such great conversations and very powerful movement he is creating already....can’t wait to watch it explode!

Mike is a man on a mission! He has inspiring guests who provide practical ways to improve your life! Awesome show!

Keep going so much value

Great intro into your podcast C Roc
The “Culture Podcast” hit home and you know why. Hats off to you and continue on your path of success. Gary T