Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level with Voicemail

Give your audience a whole new way to interact with you — sending you a voicemail. Podpage now lets your audience say hi, ask questions, send feedback, and more.

One of the main reasons we built Podpage was to strengthen the podcasters/listener relationship. And the best way to do that is to make it a two-way relationship. To help with that, we've previously added commenting, contact forms, email collection.

Today, we're adding Voicemails.

Podcasters have known this for years, but spoken word is usually way more compelling than writing. Your audience sees and hears you on all these platforms, but can only interact with you through text replies.

Now they can share their personality with you through voice.

There is no extra cost for this, it just comes with your Podpage Pro membership.

🎙 Check it out! Go to your website and you'll see a small microphone icon in the lower right. Click it!

📞 Voicemails can be up to 120 seconds in length.

💌 You will get an email every time someone leaves a voicemail. It will also be available in your inbox, which is in a new Ping Voicemail section on the dashboard.

🎨 If you'd like to customize the text and colors, or 🚫 turn this feature off, log into Podpage and click Voicemail on the left. Then go to Widget Settings.

All voicemails can be downloaded and included in your podcast. Some podcasters are using this feature to ask users to leave their opinion, and they play them on the following episode.

Tell us how you'll be using this feature, and we hope this brings you closer to your listening audience!

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