Introducing Site Submitted Reviews

We've always imported podcast reviews from Apple, but now listeners can leave you a review directly on your website

Reviews are a fantastic way to get feedback from your listeners. Podpage comes with some built in features to make collecting and showcasing your reviews easy and effective.

Podpage also helps with:

  • Importing reviews from Apple Podcasts
  • Showcasing Reviews on your website
  • Sharing Reviews on social media

Today, we're making it possible for listeners to leave you reviews directly on your website. With one click you can add a form for users to fill out on your website, and the reviews will be saved to your dashboard your review. Once you approve it, you can publish it directly to your website alongside the other reviews!

To turn this on, go to Dashboard → Page Designer → Leave a Review Page → Settings and turn on On-Site Reviews. For more info, we've done an entire writeup of all the ways Podpage helps with podcast reviews.

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