Podpage proudly supports Podcasting 2.0

We've added support for the Podcasting 2.0 namespace.

Podcasting 2.0 is an incredible effort by Adam Curry and Dave Jones to make the entire podcasting ecosystem better by advancing the standards for how podcast feeds are structured, and creating an open 'Interoperable' ecosystem of podcast app and services. 

Podpage is proud to integrate tags from the Podcasting 2.0 namespace, making creating your podcast website even easier. The supported tags are:

Show/Channel Tags:
These are imported when you first create your Podpage website.

  • podcast:guid. This element is used to declare a unique, global identifier for a podcast.
  • podcast:funding. This tag lists possible donation/funding links for the podcast. We will match this with supported Revenue Links for Podpage and add badges and links for the sites on your support/donation page.
  • podcast:person. This element specifies a person of interest to the podcast. It is primarily intended to identify people like hosts. Podpage will import these profiles to your Hosts/Team list so the minute your Podcast website is created, you'll see them on your page.

Episode Tags:
These are imported with every episode sync.

  • podcast:transcript. This tag is used to link to a transcript or closed captions file. Podpage will go fetch your transcript and import it into your episode.
  • podcast:season. This element allows for identifying which episodes in a podcast are part of a particular "season". Podpage will add the season number to the episode so your listeners can sort / filter by season.
  • podcast:episode. This element gives the episode number for the season it's in. Podpage will add the episode number to the episode so your listeners can sort by episode.
  • podcast:trailer. This element is used to define the location of an audio or video file to be used as a trailer for the entire podcast or a specific season. We will mark episodes as Trailers when we see this tag on the channel.

Coming next, we'll be looking at supporting the Chapters and Value elements.

Additionally, we'll be financially supporting the initiative going forward, with monthly donations to Podcast Index, LLC. If you'd like to support as well, you can sign up using this link.

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