Introducing the Guest Intake Form + Release Agreement

Podpage adds tools to make your website a key part of your guest booking workflow.

Last year, we released a great way to build out profiles for every one of your guests. These profiles got their own, dedicated search-engine-optimized page on your website and were linked to the episodes the guests appeared on. It was a huge hit, but it added a pain point: creating the profiles.

We're excited to announce that with Podpage 2.0, we've made it exceptionally simple to onboard future guests.

Intake Form

First, we've added Just send them a link to your guest intake form and let them fill out the profile themselves! 

They can add their bio, photo, and social media links. Their profile will be hidden from your website until you add them to an episode, and you can always go in and edit anything they've written.

Guest Agreement & Release

We also know that many podcasters have their guests sign a guest agreement and release contract. We've made it so easy that you can now upload that and show it to the guest when they're filling out your form, so when they submit their info, they're also agreeing to your release.

If you don't have a guest agreement, we've got you covered! Podpage has worked with the folks over at Easy Legal For Podcasters to provide you with a FREE release form you can use! It'll show by default.

Calendar Booking

If you use a tool like Calendly, you can direct your upcoming guests to book a slot after they fill out the intake form just by adding your calendly link to Podpage.

Additional Questions

Finally, if you want them to answer additional questions, you can provide a link to a Google Form or Typeform for them to fill out after they register on your site.

This feature was very, very, very popular with our beta testers, and hopefully will be useful to you as your fill your calendar with amazing guests!

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