Import your transcripts from Buzzsprout!

We've made it easy for Buzzsprout members to import their episode transcripts to their Podpage!

A few weeks ago, Buzzsprout announced a new Transcript feature.

People have been telling podcasters they should transcribe their episodes for years—it's often with some vague promise that transcripts lead to some special SEO bump from Google or increase in listeners. 

They've made it easy for their members to both transcribe their episodes, as well as include their transcriptions directly in their podcast RSS feed. And since you're Podpage is powered by your RSS feed, it's only natural that if your transcripts are in your feed, they should be imported onto your website. 

Today, we're excited to announce that we fully support Buzzsprout's transcript feature, and will automatically import transcripts you have in your feed when we first import your episode to your website!

The best part: you don't need to do anything. Going forward, if the transcript is in your feed, we'll pull it into Podpage. You can just sit back and enjoy the SEO boost these transcripts will get you. 😊 

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