Auto-post your new reviews and episodes

Podpage can now automatically post your new reviews and episodes to Twitter and Facebook. Set it and forget it!

As a podcaster, you already have more than enough things on your plate to do every day. Podpage is working to make your entire episode workflow easier.

As you know, we already automatically pull in and publish all your episodes and reviews without you having to do a thing. Your website stays up to date. It's magic.

Today we're releasing a big addition to the Podpage experience. We're making one more step of your workflow effortless: We'll post your new reviews and episodes to Facebook and Twitter.

Head over to the dashboard and click "Social Posting" and you can connect your Twitter account or your Facebook page.

For Episodes, we'll post your episode image and make the tweet really stand out:

The reviews look even better. These images JUMP off the timeline.

For more info, here's a support article about it.

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