Feb. 15, 2024

The Power of Intentional Living w/ Jonathan McGinley

Jonathan McGinley is unstoppable at helping men live intentionally. As a coach and the founder of Intentional Man, he helps men create the lives they want and live a story of significance, guiding them on how to experience the joy of finding and pursuing their purpose.

Jonathan is also the host of The Intentional Man Podcast, which inspires and equips men to live lives of intentionality and grow to their full potential.


Join Ralph and Jonathan as they cover topics such as:


* How self-doubt and negative self-talk hinders growth and progress.

* Years ago, how Jonathan went through the motions in his job and life, and felt unfulfilled and lacking purpose.

* Living intentionally and pursuing a bigger vision for your life.

* The need for young men to find validation through self-worth and confidence.

* The fear of failure and its impact on men.

* The need for action and a plan to back up good intentions, rather than simply relying on wishes and hopes.

* Focusing on "who you want to be" instead of just "what you want to do."


Thank you to Jonathan McGinley for being our guest!


Intentional Man is an organization that inspires and equips Christian men to live intentionally, pursue God-sized goals, and build lives of significance. Learn more via the Intentional Man website: https://intentionalman.co/


Listen to Jonathan’s Intentional Man podcast: https://intentionalman.co/podcast/

Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-mcginley/




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