March 7, 2024

Intentionality in Action: Cultivating Personal Habits for Success w/ Fran Racioppi of FRsix

Fran Racioppi is unstoppable at helping people prepare today for success tomorrow. As the host of the Jedburgh Podcast, he brings together visionaries, drivers of change, and people dedicated to winning in business, military, academia, journalism, and athletics. A C-suite executive, a performance coach, and a former Green Beret, Fran is also the founder of FRsix, a business focused on developing operational efficiencies and business growth.

Join Ralph and Fran as they cover topics such as:


*The importance of highly skilled teams.

*Fran discusses his experience on the men's rowing team at Boston University, highlighting the challenges and lessons learned that helped him in his later military service.

*Pushing yourself to the limit in sports and in life.

*The benefits of developing resilience and mental toughness.

*Being patient when progress seems slow.

*Taking consistent action towards goals, despite the ease of finding shortcuts in modern society.

*The role of laziness in hindering progress.

*The disconnect that occurs in virtual work environments.


Thank you to Fran Racioppi for being our guest!


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