Feb. 1, 2024

Doctors Said He’d Never Walk Again But Frank Sean Johnson & God Had Other Plans

Frank Sean Johnson is an unstoppable actor, writer, producer, and motivational speaker. A US Veteran, you may recognize him from TV shows such as Madam Secretary, MacGyver, The Walking Dead, and Welcome to the Land of Misfits, and movies such as The Drummer, 1805, and Christmas & Me.

Join Ralph and Frank as they cover topics such as:


* Frank growing up in New Jersey, joining the Air Force, and dealing with PTSD.

* Frank’s experience of being paralyzed and losing a leg, with friends and family providing support and faith in healing.

* Frank’s desire to use his talents for good, despite his past mistakes.

* Frank reflects on receiving insults in the acting industry and how he’s learned to handle them with pride.

* Setting small goals and celebrating progress.

* Overcoming challenges and finding resilience.

* The power of positive thinking.


Thank you to Frank Sean Johnson for being our guest!


Learn more about Frank: https://frankseanjohnson.com/bio/


Follow Frank on on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frankseanjohnson/




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