March 21, 2024

Beyond Performance: Nurturing Children's Self-Worth, w/ Tonya May Avent

Tonya May Avent is the unstoppable author of “Using God’s Playbook for the Game of Life.”

A former athlete and the mother of two former All-American athletes, Tonya focuses on ministering the gospel through a sports lens and inspiring women though difficult seasons in their lives. She is an award-winning author, engaging speaker, and contributing writer for Guideposts magazine.


Join Ralph and Tonya as they cover topics such as:


* Tonya’s experience as a sports mom and how she teaches kids value through sports.

* Tonya’s book, which helps parents teach their children the value of hard work and perseverance.

* How injuries can lead to spiritual growth and development of faith.

* The importance of having a strong faith to navigate life's challenges.

* How memorizing scripture can shape one's heart and mind, leading to a deeper relationship with God.

* How a child’s self-worth is not solely based on their performance, and that parents should avoid using their children's athletic achievements to measure their love and value.

* How some parenting styles focus too much on a son or daughter’s athletic performance, potentially creating a performance-based relationship.

* Why parents should avoid pushing their own hopes onto their children, instead trusting God's plan for their lives.

* Tonya’s Faith-Filled Moms ministry, which provides a platform for moms to share their experiences and connect with others through podcasts and online events.

* The importance of journaling to reflect on and process difficult experiences.


Thank you to Tonya May Avent for being our guest!


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