March 28, 2024

From Dessert Bars to AI Tools: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Deirdre Tshein, CEO of Capsho

Deirdre Tshein is unstoppable at helping experts who podcast amplify their voice and message quickly.

Deirdre has built four businesses that have generated millions of dollars, hosted 5 podcasts, and is currently the CEO of Capsho, an AI writing tool for podcasters.


In this episode, join Ralph and Deirdre as they cover topics such as:


* Deirdre Shin shares her entrepreneurial journey spanning multiple industries, including hospitality, fashion technology, AI tools, and more.

* Deirdre grew up in Australia and started a dessert bar in hospitality with her husband.

Scaling up businesses.

* Finding the will to figure things out, even when it's scary, in order to reach your full potential and achieve success.

* The role of fear in entrepreneurship.

* Deirdre emphasizes the importance of making money to make an impact, citing the need to earn enough money to not be motivated by it.

* Embracing the idea of earning money to make an impact, rather than being afraid of it.

* Deirdre’s aim to help people be "intelligently lazy" through her company, Capsho, by amplifying their message and helping them do more with less.

* Using AI to simplify the process of creating and marketing content.

* Helping entrepreneurs create and market content (podcasts, videos, live streaming, etc.) with ease.

* How imperfection can actually help build connections and relateability, and that pursuing perfection can hinder impact and income.

* Struggling with feeling heard and valued.


Thank you to Deirdre Tshein for being our guest!


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