March 14, 2024

Fall in Love with the Feeling of Being Fit, w/ Mark Pitcher founder of Fit After 50

Mark Pitcher is an unstoppable fitness coach who helps men over 50 go from belly fat to body fit. 

Join Ralph and Mark as they cover topics such as: 


* Creating a habit and routine around fitness, rather than just focusing on a specific goal or outcome.

*How Mark helps men over 50 lose belly fat and get fit without dieting.

* Mark’s personal journey of weight gain and lack of energy, despite being successful in his career and personal life.

* “Fit body, fit life"—Mark’s phrase to describe the goal of being physically fit and energized, and how it can be achieved through simple changes in lifestyle.

* Mark lost his eldest son to suicide in 2016, which led him to question his purpose and seek new paths forward, including coaching and fitness.

* Two types of people who struggle with weight loss: those who are overweight and need a different type of coaching, and those who are fit but need a plan to maintain their weight.

* The importance of long-term health goals. 

* Ralph’s motivations for exercising, including feeling good and being able to take care of his body without relying on medication.

* Struggling with sugar addiction and emotional eating. 


Thank you to Mark Pitcher for being our guest!


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