April 25, 2022

69: On Emotion, Connection & Veronica Mars (feat. Stephanie Cleary)

69: On Emotion, Connection & Veronica Mars (feat. Stephanie Cleary)

Promoting a business while a war rages and the pandemic drags on is a weird freaking sensation. Your body says "go back to bed and stay there" but your brand demands you get out there and "PERFORM, dammit!" How can we be conscious, concerned citizens of the world and responsible business owners at the same time? The official answer: feel your feels, y'all.

This week, Annie P. is joined by trauma coach, financial wizard, and dear friend Stephanie Cleary. It's a candid conversation that spans dealing with fear, disgust, burnout, doubt, stress, longing, and deep sadness, but with plenty of laughs and insights along the way. Then, the two mystery-lovers explore the power of scrappiness, community, and self-reliance as demonstrated by high-school Private Eye, Veronica Mars. Finally, Annie brings it all home with homework centered on exploding your network through genuine admiration.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

This week's homework utilizes The Dream 100, refined and popularized by the king of traffic, Russell Brunson. Here is a great video that outlines the theory and process in detail, thanks to Funnel Hacking Live.
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Both Stephanie and Annie are working toward certifications in
The Trauma of Money and want to shout out this important, powerful work.

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