Too Legitimate to Quit

Too Legitimate to Quit

Instantly Actionable Small Business Strategies with a Pop Culture Spin

Join Annie P. Ruggles and whipsmart guests as they decode the marketing, mindset, sales, and success hacks hidden within beloved movies, tv, music, books, and more. 

Often goofy but never fluffy, each episode ends with easy-to-implement homework that will leave you feeling delightfully legit.

New episodes drop every week.

Recent Episodes

56: On Aggression, Inspiration & The Real Housewives (feat. Amanda Abella)

Jan. 24, 2022

Oh, entrepreneurship! So glossy! So masculine! So freaking dramatic (before you have healthy boundaries and fabulous income)! What's a heart-centered business owner to do? What are the secrets not only of growth, but of stay…

55: On Reels, Newsletters & Charmed (feat. Elizabeth Ruth)

Jan. 17, 2022

Do I really have to make reels - and if so, do they have to be so performative and goofy? How frequently do I really need to reach out to my mailing list - and how often am I allowed to be "salesy" before they unsubscribe? W…

54: On Persuasion, Sales & What About Bob? (feat. Jason Cutter)

Jan. 10, 2022

A doctor doesn't normally thank you passionately and profusely for letting them treat your aches and pains. They know you're there to solve a problem: they advise you or perform a procudure, you pay them, 'nuff said. But, as…

53: On Boundaries, Burnout & So I Married an Axe Murderer (feat. Amber Hawley)

Jan. 3, 2022

It's a whole new year - are you feeling the crushing weight of expectations already? Maybe you promised yourself you'd somehow be shinier or more prepared for this year? Screw that! This week, Amber Hawley is here to remind …

52: On Competition, Risk & The Santa Clause (feat. Shauna Armitage)

Dec. 20, 2021

Ho ho ho - it's a TLTQ Holiday extravaganza and we're digging deep into that heartwarming concept known as professional jealousy. Wait, what? Yep! And for extra fun and cheeriness, we discuss the holiday classic where Santa …

51: On Courses, New Customers & Star Trek: Voyager (feat. Melody Johnson)

Dec. 14, 2021

An online course has limitless possibilities. Where should you start? What should you promise? How many problems should you solve? And how the heck do you make sure your buyers actually use your product? If you've been debat…

About the Host

Annie P. Ruggles


For almost a decade, Annie P. has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small bizzes. She's guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative transactions and conversations.

Annie is the daughter of an award-winning motivational speaker and an always-ahead-of-his-time business strategist, and the granddaughter of a legendary used-car salesman, a perspicacious wordsmith, a singing waiter, and a cafeteria caterer with a raving fan base. (So clearly, she was literally born for this.)

She lives in Chicago with her hobbit husband (who is also in sales), her furkids, and her disdain for deep dish pizza.