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Snap, crackle, pop! This podcast rocks
Who doesn’t love a host with honesty, sass, and straight up awesomeness for their listeners to apply to their small business? Annie is da bomb no matter the topic. Tune in and pick up the gold she’s dropping in each episode.

Good Stuff!
Annie and her guests demystify what it takes to be a success with your book (and other media) in a fun, easily accessible way. Good stuff!

Great mix of business and entertainment
I love the mix of learning and pop culture fun!!

Amazing Show
Amazing show with great content!!

Un-learn corporate speak and re-learn authenticity
Among other helpful tips that Annie so passionately and hilariously delivers, the heart and soul of her podcast is : Be your dang self! I dream of a world where people in business have authentic relationships and just talk normal to each other! Annie is helping make that dream come true, one podcast at a time!

So good!
Annie has a unique and entertaining approach to decoding marketing, mindset, sales, and success by exploring beloved movies, TV shows, music, and books. The show uncovers so many valuable hacks in an engaging and non-sleazy way. - Ash & The Capsho Team

Respond vs React - or - how to survive zombie apocalypse
Loved the episode on self-advocacy, spending habits, and The Last of Us. Haha, laughed out loud at the parallels between entrepreneurship and the zombie apocalypse! Great show, great host. If you haven’t already, you should listen!

Listen in!
Really enjoyed the episode with Danielle Hayden. I appreciated the refreshing approach to the whole “know thy numbers” mentality in the entrepreneurial space. Great show, great guests, great content!

Keep doing shows!!!
Annie P. Thank you! As a business owner and fellow podcaster I needed to hear this and will no longer feel like I have to explain my do nothing day!

Hilarious host and awesome content!
Annie is a hoot! This podcast is hilarious and Annie's personality is epic. She provides insightful commentary, action oriented tips and advice for entrepreneurs, and asks great questions of her guests! This podcast will keep you on your toes.

Amazing !!
Loving this podcast!! Thanks for all the insights. So glad I stumbled upon it !!

Great show
Thank you for this show. I really enjoy listening to show on my way to work. Very uplifting and inspirational. Thanks Bri

Super insightful and valuable information, great podcast
I really loved the episode where you talked about dealing with fear and burnout with Stephanie Cleary. It’s so easy to get lost sometimes inside our own minds, great topic to address. Thank you for such valuable content

This Podcast Rocks!
I had an absolute blast collaborating with Annie for an episode covering personal branding, quality, consistency, and Seinfeld. Just getting an opportunity to have that combo of content made for a ton of fun. As a listener, you’re going to love the energy Annie brings to the mic, as well as the knowledge her and her guests have on the various business and pop culture subjects they discuss. I’m now a lifelong fan of this podcast and I recommend you become one, too!

Lean into your YOU-ness
I am so glad I found this podcast, tons of value and well produced!!! I love your voice, and your flare Annie, I will be binging! Reena Friedman Watts Host of the Better Call Daddy Show

Great business tips with a fun twist1
Annie provides tips you can put into action right away - keeping steps simple while sometimes diving deep into topics and the emotional aspects of being an entreprenuer. Very helpful!

Great business and pop culture combo!
Really made me think and a great listen that’s super helpful!!

Great job
Love it sooooo much! Always learning something new thats really useful

Thank you!
Changed my life. I really hope I get to meet you one day. Thank you.

Loved it. 100%

So informative and fun!
Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Love it
I love this podcast. I want to more episode.

This podcast amazing. Thanks!

Love this podcast
This is the best podcast in the world. Thanks!

Outstanding Amazing show, love every bit of it.
x Amazing show, love every bit of it.

Amazing show, love every bit of it.

Great info
My top podcast right now

I enjoyed the show!
Thank you f or all the insights, I love to learn from you!

Awesome show!
Love your show. So many great tips!

Heck yesssss!
Pop Culture AND business advice!?! Did Hannah Montana inspire this podcast because listeners get the best of both worlds! For real, you should listen. Just sayin.