Lean into your YOU-ness

I am so glad I found this podcast, tons of value and well produced!!! I love your voice, and your flare Annie, I will be binging! Reena Friedman Watts Host of the Better Call Daddy Show

Great business tips with a fun twist1

Annie provides tips you can put into action right away - keeping steps simple while sometimes diving deep into topics and the emotional aspects of being an entreprenuer. Very helpful!

Great business and pop culture combo!

Really made me think and a great listen that’s super helpful!!

Great job

Love it sooooo much! Always learning something new thats really useful

Thank you!

Changed my life. I really hope I get to meet you one day. Thank you.


Loved it. 100%

So informative and fun!

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Love it

I love this podcast. I want to more episode.


This podcast amazing. Thanks!

Love this podcast

This is the best podcast in the world. Thanks!

Outstanding Amazing show, love every bit of it.

x Amazing show, love every bit of it.


Amazing show, love every bit of it.

Great info

My top podcast right now

I enjoyed the show!

Thank you f or all the insights, I love to learn from you!

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Heck yesssss!

Pop Culture AND business advice!?! Did Hannah Montana inspire this podcast because listeners get the best of both worlds! For real, you should listen. Just sayin.

Hilarious and smart

I love this combo! Hilarious and fun concept.

Such a fun podcast for solopreneurs!!

This is such an entertaining and informative podcast. Love the pop culture references and how they tie into these important topics!

Experience, Advice, and FUN!

Annie has the years of experience to backup her advice and speak honestly about the onljne business space, but she also makes learning FUN! She asks the right questions, follows up with helpful feedback, and has quickly become one of my go-to business podcasts!

Love the content and fun twist incorporating pop culture!

Annie is a great interviewer and brings an energy into the episodes that amplifies the powerful messages her guests are bringing in!

Making Business Easy

I love how the format of this show breaks down complex marketing and business strategies into tangible and easy to understand concepts. I always think of a show or movie talked about on this show when I’m about to create a marketing funnel or social post for my small business. Love it!

Too Legit to Quit!!

Annie is such a fun podcast host and the show is a joy to listen to. I absolutely love how the guests share their pop culture obsessions in addition to their business insight!!

<3 Everything About This Show

Okay - So besides the premise being totally rad, Annie is a great host and makes the connection between business strategy and 90s culture seamless, tactical and fun.

Luv this Podcast

Annie does a great job in bridging the pop-culture while passing along business strategies at the same time. If you are into the awesome ara of 80's and 90's media, this is your show to listen to!

Love the pop culture spin!!

Great value with a pop culture spin? You’ve got my ear!!

Pop Culture with a Dash of advice? Ok!

Love the concept love the show! What a fun and creative way to help small business owners learn without feeling stuffy and corporate!


Annie is such an amazing host!

Great conversation, fun atmosphere✨

Annie has a great personality and creates such a fun atmosphere for her guests. Love the pop culture element to the conversation too 🥳

This speaks to me!

I really dispise gross sales. This is such an awesome sales show. I would much rather sell my product within my ethics, goals and personality! Thank you for this Annie! - Podcast Coaching with Christine

Brings life to business

Annie does an amazing job drawing a picture and sharing a beautiful story that is hilarious and insightful. She brings LIFE to business and makes strategies so much more fun!

*excited kermit arm waving*

I absolutely adore this podcast! It is amazing how flawlessly Annie brings together business strategy and pop culture. Learning how to improve you business CAN be fun and Annie will show you how. Honestly this might have been the first podcast I ever subscribed to - it's that good!!

I feel Too Legitimate to Quit listening to this podcast.

The perfect mix of best practices and pop culture keep every episode new and informative. It also helps me learn more about the pop culture topics I’m not familiar with... Like... Gilmore Girls. Highly recommend this one!!!

Obsessed with this podcast!

The perfect blend of value and fun, I absolutely love this podcast. Annie is incredible, and I love the way she blends business strategy and pop culture. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Annie is one of a kind! #amazing!!

Annie is incredible! Too Legit To Quit is something special. She brings a unique delivery of valuable and implementable content with a fun pop culture spin. I highly recommend you check out Annie and her amazing show!

Love this podcast

Annie is the best! She is so straight forward and teaches in such a simple way with profound knowledge that is mind blowing! Can’t recommend enough!!

So much fun and so much wisdom

If you are a creative entrepreneur you have got to check this podcast out. Annie brings on the best guests to dive into the unique yet universal struggles every entrepreneur faces. And she does it with such levity and spirit!

The best!

Love Annie’s podcast! Love how she makes these big topics fun and accessible through the pop culture takes. It’s such a great podcast and worth a listen!

Warms the cockles of my nostalgic heart!

This show is the perfect recipe of fun, insightful, and inspiring. Ditch the boring self-help crap, and listen to this! It’s the kind of podcast I would love to listen to after a challenging work day. You get to reminisce and get introspective about your goals. Highly recommend!

Small Biz Advice in a Fresh, Fun, Format

If you’re thinking, “Oh God, not one more podcast for creative entrepreneurs and small biz owners!” STOP RIGHT THERE. This one is so fresh, so fun and so original, you might not even realize how much you are learning, because the witty banter between Annie and her guests is freaking hilarious. If you are a creative genius who’s just trying to make a living by doing what you love, get this pod into your ear holes, and keep coming back for more. Annie’s got your back.

dynamic, hilarious and powerful

i just listened to the first episode of annie’s new podcast and WOW it was so fun! her energy is powerful - she creates a beautiful space for vulnerable and hilarious conversation with her guests. i learned a lot, including a couple things i can take immediate action on. the show is also edited beautifully so it was easy to lose myself in the dynamic conversation. yay for a cool new podcast!

Ponies Are My Purpose

Annie is legit the funniest and most sincere woman and her energy really comes through on her show. Her ability to take business strategies and tie them into pop culture is entertaining and informative. If you want to laugh while you learn this is the pod for you!