Feb. 21, 2022

60: On Rejection, Indecision & Jerry Maguire (feat. Andrea Waltz)

60: On Rejection, Indecision & Jerry Maguire (feat. Andrea Waltz)

Criticism, rejection, embarrassment, risk, failure. As entrepreneurs, we face these unfortunate little demons every day. What would change for us if we learned to chase rejection, or at very least to welcome it? How can we detach from the pain, brush ourselves off, and face our fears day after day?

This week, Annie P. sits down with the wildly brave Andrea Waltz. Andrea explains that "yes is the destination, but no is how we get there." Her strategy? Go for no! This jam-packed episode is filled with tips on how to work with and grow from your failed attempts before pulling lessons on compassion, advocacy, and choice from Tom Cruise's most adorable role.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language.

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