Welcome to the safe space of The Aftermath, a podcast that will educate and inspire you. Divorce, family trauma, custody battles, parental alienation and everything that is wrong with families today are the hard topics Dr. G. Mick Smith and Kindra Riber will talk about. Both hosts have been subjected to the harsh reality of broken families and the trauma custody battles elicit. Their stories of losing their children are different yet the same. Smith and Riber are advocates for healing the family unit. Their stories are raw, yet the lessons learned are real. The epidemic of broken and fractured families is a reality in today's culture. The statistics of divorce are climbing and the pain of child custody issues is palpable. Smith and Riber are advocates for the healing of people suffering from a bad divorce or difficult custody battle. They are the experts who will be your guides to healing. G. Mick Smith is the author of the book, Burning America, which illustrates the confusion, terror, and judicial missteps of a terrifying custody battle. His book is winning accolades for its raw commentary on the injustice of family law and the sheer fear parents face. Kindra Riber is a legislative advocate fighting for the rights of victims of parental alienation. Parental alienation is the systematic brainwashing of children caught in a custody battle. The court system does not provide the support or knowledge to adjudicate fairly. Both hosts bring their stories, their knowledge, and lessons learned to start the healing process of those going through a painful divorce, custody fights and extreme trauma that stems from a bad relationship.Know that you are not alone. Know that there is help. Know that there is a community of people just like you who can guide you through this complex process. Kindra Riber and Mick Smith bring to you legal experts, mental health professionals, and poignant stories of those warriors fighting a fight that sometimes feels all too lonely. We are better together. We will heal in the aftermath. Welcome to The Aftermath.